Dr. Nagendra N
Specially designed for modern days ‘scientific’ people

Applied Vedic knowledge certificate course provides a basic foundation to get clarity regarding veda, vedanga, purana, ithihasa, deva, rishi, mantra, yagna and other related subjects irrespective of caste/ religion.

This is specially designed for modern days ‘scientific’ people.

I could easily relate the vedic concepts to my daily routine and in fact it helped me to understand my patients better and treat more effectively.

Some of the concepts/ meaning may be absolutely new e.g. meaning of Agni, Yagna, Cow etc. so it is essential that we need to ‘learn to unlearn’.

Six months is just an introduction but the journey ahead is truly blissful.

Listening the vedic concepts from Prof. Kashyap is an out of the world experience.

Special thanks to Jahagirdar-ji for making this possible.

Truly blessed to be part of this course and SAKSHI.